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Brandable Domain Names for Sale

on Wed, 01/06/2016 - 11:15

There are many different ways to make money in this world and one of the more innovative and modern ways is by purchasing domain names that you later sell to businesses. This article will discuss this phenomenon and what potential individuals who are considering getting into this business should pay attention to.

Selling Brands Domain Names

The cost of a domain name is minimal but the potential value of that domain name to a business is significant. As such, by acquiring certain domain names and holding them until a buyer is interested in buying it can be a very profitable endeavor. But to be successful doing so you will need to acquire the right domain names. Further, certain names can potentially be taken from you in court. For example, the name Coca Cola, even if not acquired by Coca Cola would not likely be able to be retained if they were to sue you for the rights for it, as has been decided in several different court cases that were tried. However, having said that, many corporations would rather pay a small amount to an individual rather than go through a process of litigation, which can be expensive, and you can likely profit by acquiring and reselling brand domain names in this way.

When acquiring domain names it is a good idea to stick with names that are brandable and may be useful to a company looking for a name for their business. While many of the common names may already be taken be inventive when searching for potential brand names to acquire. Make a list of names that you think may currently or eventually be needed and look for small or mid-sized companies out there who may have brands that they have not reserved the domain name for and acquire those. 

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